Modular platform tailored on doctor and patient needs

drDrin algos is the first vertical solution based on drDrin® framework


drDrin® framework was conceived, both form a technological and data privacy point of view, on the basis of three key requirements:

  1. Sharing of information between multiple stakeholders (physicians, caregivers, nurses and any other professionals), who work in different ways and according to different needs.
  2. Customization, depending on the needs of a specific clinical setting.
  3. Integration with other information systems and databases (i.e. Farmadati, ICD-9, MedDRA.


The use of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques allow to improve the User Experience all along their therapeutic pathway, also enabling a unique and deeper knowledge of their behaviour in the Real World.

We work in partnership with pharma, biotech and medical device companies to develop custom and innovative solutions, creating value for all the stakeholeders involved in the care pathways.