We design and develop innovative applications
in medical and pharmaceutical fields
Transforming technology into value
With our solutions, we want to offer a practical help to people
who care about their own health or the health of others
Designed with care, designed with you
BioCare Provider is an innovative start up
of professionals from ICT and pharmaceutical fields
A passionate and dynamic team



To understand our users’ unmet needs, to create and test new technologies



To create new e-health and m-health solutions, both stand-alone or integrated into our platform, drDrin

Data analysis

Data analysis

To support our users and customers in Real World Data analysis, as well as in Natural Language Processing

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

To help our users and customers in defining an effective and sustainable digital strategy


Clinica Mobile EasySched

EasySched & CM Club App

Clinica Mobile nel Mondo

Faster Than Your Bike

Faster Than Your Bike

Clinica Mobile nel Mondo


Modular platform tailored on doctor and patient needs

Dashboard Proter

ARS Toscana
Portale Prose ARS

Dashboard PrOsE

ARS Toscana



Antonio Mancina

Mr Reliable

His strengths include punctuality, safety and efficiency in the development of backend and iOS mobile apps. But he also gets away with algorithms and business proposals.

Diagnosis: obsession with grammar

Catchphrase: The snoozed pop-up doesn’t starve

Francesca Sernissi

The strategist

Francesca is a complete perfectionist, passionate about design, medical and pharmacological sciences. From business planning to management and corporate relations: nothing gets past her keen eye for detail.

Diagnosis: logorrhoea

Catchphrase: we need a strategy

Daniele Sartiano

The intrepid

Assuring quality and respectful of deadlines: when Daniele is coding, nothing can stand in his way. His passions are for data mining and natural language processing, but he also develops user-friendly web interfaces with cutting-edge technology.

Diagnosis: data obsession

Catchphrase: I need a holiday


Raffaello Brondi

The pioneer

Always ahead of the game, while he’s doing one thing, he’s thinking a hundreds others! Passionate about innovative technologies, his strength is based on the innate ability to see things that others don’t. In addition to developing Apps for Android o.s., Raffaello is an expert of virtual and augmented reality.

Diagnosis: allergy to shirts

Catchphrase: Yeah, I already thought of that


Mauro Marinoni

The ‘Nino’ Cricket

Researcher, teacher and great orator. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about embedded systems and real time. Passionate about wine and good food, he’s also our expert advisor in where to go for lunch.

Diagnosis: a little too fond of the wine from his vineyard!

Catchphrase: Now let’s be calm about this

Christian Castelli

The happy geek

Suffering from an ‘insatiable thirst for knowledge’, the web is his greatest passion. Christian is our go-to man when we’re looking for creative solutions in frontend development.

Diagnosis: insatiable thirst for knowledge syndrome

Catchphrase: Francesca, when are you getting back this week?

Filippo Bannò

The special correspondent

A bit of a nerd and a real hard worker, Filippo is our first point of reference when dealing with games and gamification. Highly talented and precise in developing Android o.s. apps, he is our advisor in all cutting-edge projects.

Diagnosis: addiction to games (of any kind)

Catchphrase: Hey, can you hear me? [on Skype]


drDrin Logo

The Value of Patient-Physician relationship in a mobile solution tailored to users’ needs

  • Remember

    To promote conscious and informed self-management

  • Share

    To foster good communication between doctors, patients and their loved ones

  • Take care

    To improve medication adherence and clinical outcome