The Outcome Dashboard Proter

Territorial healthcare assistence Observation Program
The Outcome Dashboard Proter


The Regional Agency for Health (ARS) of the Region of Tuscany has relied on BioCare Provider for the realization of a second monitoring tool, this time related to territorial assistance.


The Proter database allows immediate consultation of indicators which regard the prevalence and course of treatment of major chronic diseases, processes, outcomes and costs of chronic care management by the Territorial Functional Aggregations (AFT reports), taking charge through Long-Term Care services of frail elderly (LTC report), the rehabilitation programs and outpatient specialist care.


The service, based on the administrative flows of Tuscany Region, is aimed at decision-makers and actors involved in the management of chronic cases and in the territorial and regional health planning, including general practitioners responsible for AFT.

Proter has been realized in collaboration with Kode Srl.