The Outcome Dashboard «PrOsE»

Outcome Observation Program
The Outcome Dashboard «PrOsE»


The Regional Health Agency (ARS) of the Tuscany Region has relied on BioCare Provider for the design and development of a new tool for the monitoring of clinical outcomes.

The Outcome Observation Program is an online tool that, through the search keys (by hospital, department, Local Healthcare Units, clinical area) offers the opportunity to graphically display the value and trend of some indicators related to the diagnostic and therapeutic pathways active in Tuscany.


The instrument is dedicated to the various decision-makers and actors involved in the local and regional health planning (for example, general and healthcare managers, medical directors) and, in a clear and simple way, it provides them with information that can help understand the value of care offered within the Sistema Sanitario Regionale.


The ARS databases represent the information base necessary for achieving most of the activities and projects of the Regional Agency of Health of Tuscany.